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Tomb Raider: Legend

TR25 Box Art Reimagining: Legend by Nagu

Sep 29, 2021

A stylish Tomb Raider Legend promotional image featuring artwork of Lara Croft against a mechanical backdrop.

We know August has already passed but we didn’t forget about adding a Legend-ary entry to the box art reimagining series! 

We’ve still got loads of great content in our backlog, however, today we are reminiscing on Tomb Raider: Legend once again to celebrate its box art reimagining. We are grateful that Nagu came in last minute and agreed to design a piece in her signature anime & manga inspired style for the celebration. With Tokyo being such an iconic location in the game, we knew this would be a perfect fit. 

Take a close look at the vines surrounding Lara, anything stand out?

Nagu’s art has been featured by several mobile game titles like Azur Lane, Fate Grand Order & Arknights. She also enjoys illustrating pieces inspired by some of her favorite games, manga & shows on her free time!

When asked about any inspiration for this piece, Nagu shared:

“There is always something magical and unreal about being able to draw for a series you grow up with, and I am honored to be a part of the celebration! 

For this piece, I wanted to draw Lara swinging on a vine while exploring the ruins. I thought it would be nice for the vines to add into the energy of the illustration and to also represent the 25th anniversary.

Thank you very much again for the opportunity and I look forward to seeing more of Lara’s adventures in the future!”

Check out more of Nagu’s incredible art on Twitter and Pixiv.

Community Creations
Tomb Raider: Legend

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