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Croft Creation Spotlight #1

Feb 20, 2024

Hello Raiders!  

Welcome to our Croft Creation spotlight! Each week we’ll feature amazing community content from the world of Tomb Raider.  

Check out the highlights from this week below.   

ilyne full

This trio of images is nothing short of stunning, illustrated by the multi-talented Illyne Cosplay. She perfectly captures the essence of Lara in the Remasters collection.

ian art comics

This high-action shot by Ian Art definitely embodies the phrase "I think you've seen enough."

arts by alex

This piece by OFP member Arts by Alex embodies the spirit of exploration in Tibet.


To close out today, this outrageously adorable cosplay put together by MiniLaraBR is cute and comes with a heartwarming story:

"This day was very special because we rented an electric cart in the shopping mall in our city, which I had been watching for some time, already idealizing the photo session with it, which actually ended up becoming a reel for Instagram, the recordings were in a forest reserve and Lara loved them as always, which is what really matters to us. Because we respect her wishes a lot and, as a father, it's great that she entered this make-believe world and multiverse of cuteness that we created from Tomb Raider, without weapons, little friends instead of wild animals and monsters, lots of cuteness and fun."

- Thyago, father of MiniLara

We are so grateful her parents - Thyago and Andreza - gave us permissions to share this photo.

Share your Croft Creations with us on social for a chance to be featured in our next spotlight! Twitter/X | Instagram Facebook | Threads | TikTok 

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered
Video Games
Fan Art
Community Creations

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