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Photomode Mission Roundup #2: Croft Manor

Mar 1, 2024

Happy FRIDAY Raiders! For this mission we asked for your best Croft Manor snaps and the community did not disappoint! Here are some of our favorite shots from the week in virtual photography:  

Welcome to Lara’s humble abode, feel free to take a look around: 


Twitter: Wonderwoman86

A serene day off lounging and enjoying her harp by Gabriel Macedo.  

gabriel 1
gabriel 2

Twitter: gabrielmaiscedo 

How did you get up there Lara?! 


Instagram: laracroftlife 

Just going for a quick swim, really. 


Twitter: PuppyPiers69 

Winston felt a slight breeze, but seeing how he was in a hallway, he didn’t think much of it. 


Twitter: Ger Hewson 

Winston is trying his best to bring Lara her afternoon tea, but Lara can’t resist making everything into a challenge. The obstacle course is right there! 


Twitter: KrisNephilim 

Taking some time to enjoy the outdoor scenery before having said afternoon tea. 


Twitter: MarcNiock 

Again...Lara how did you get up there?! 


Twitter: Mezza_01 

 Unfortunately, all fun things must come to a close. With this week done, Lara can take a break and get ready for the next photo mode challenge.  

Chillin with Static

Twitter: Locetetus 


Twitter: KrisNephilim 

Wait...what do you mean you don’t have a bedtime safety dagger? Everyone doesn’t have one of those? 


Twitter: wawa_croft 

Our next photo mode mission is in-game selfies! You can make a ‘selfie’ using pose #4, as shown here (hand waving pose also works, but that's a little more tricky!):  

20240223114006 1
20240229103149 1

We’ll be on the lookout for in-game shots up to March 7th. Tag @TombRaider on social and use #PhotoMode for a chance to be featured!  

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Video Games
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Virtual Photography

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