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Happy Valentine’s Day (and Lara’s Birthday!) from the Tomb Raider Team!

Feb 14, 2024

Lara Croft distracting a bear with a gift so to sneak by.

Happy Birthday Lara! Or is it Happy Valentine’s Day?

Why not both?  

If you didn’t know: Lara’s canonical birthday is February 14! Over the years we’ve loved seeing how the fandom comes together to celebrate with artwork, cosplay, cakes, and more.

We’re looking forward to what fellow fans create this year – if they pause to take a break from playing Tomb Raider I-III Remastered!

To commemorate the dual holiday of Valentine’s Day and Lara Croft’s birthday, let’s look at some of the artwork we’ve commissioned over the years! Will you be sending one to someone special? 

An image of classic, LAU, and survivor Lara Croft all blowing out candles on her cake.  The description reads: "Happy Birthday Lara Croft".

Artwork by Irene Aimee

Irene Aimee, 2021

Artwork by Irene Aimee

A card of Lara Croft crafting a birthday cake.

Artwork by Angela Song

Jonah lending a helping hand for "Pal-entine's Day"

Artwork by Angela Song

Jeff Victor, 2023

Artwork by Jeff Victor

Which Valentine is your favorite? How are you celebrating Lara’s birthday? Show us your Croft crafts and tag #tombraider for a chance to have your work featured on our socials!  

Fan Art
Community Creations

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