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Photo Mode Roundup #3: Selfies

Mar 8, 2024

Happy Friday Raiders! 

We’re here with our photo mode challenge #3 with SELFIES!  This week was a big one for the community it looks like, and a lot of great photos were taken!  Check out some of our favorites below! Shout outs to  CoreyOCroft for the lovely header to kick us off! 

The local sea life couldn’t be this cute if they tried.


Twitter: epsilonklm 

Winston just wanted to be featured one time; Lara has mixed feelings on it, but chooses to indulge him.  Begrudgingly. 


Winston, please.... 


Anyone interested in ribs for dinner tonight? 

arth helyg

Instagram: arth.helyg.artistry

A candid for the wall back home. This will look lovely in the trophy room! 


Community favorite “Pookie” wanted to get in on the photos too! Smile for the camera! Look down Pookie! 


Instagram: vany.insane

POV: you were minding your business getting photos with friends when suddenly: pterodactyls. 


Natla and her cronies didn’t stand a chance. Lara makes this look easy. 

dan sheen

I’d call this an improvement. Wouldn’t you agree? 


Instagram: directorbass 

The real question is: who is Lara’s stunt camera man?  They’re great at their job! 

alex wood

Twitter: AlexJWood4112 


And that wraps us up this week’s Photo Mode Mission of SELFIES!  Lara’s looking fabulous darlings, really.  Our next mission for the community is....TRAPS!  Show us your favorite traps to evade, the ones that surprised you the most, and sneaky surprises.  Entries are open from today until March 13th, and make sure you use #tombraider #photomode on your posts!     Share your Croft Creations with us on social for a chance to be featured in our next spotlight! 

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Virtual Photography
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