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Photo Mode Mission #6: Combat

Mar 29, 2024

Happy Friday Raiders!  As we know, Lara Croft is a woman of action and adventure, and this week’s photo mode challenge aims to show just how versatile she is on the field!  The theme for this week was COMBAT and the community gave us a great glimpse into the world of baddies Lara takes down throughout the remasters!  Let’s take a look at some of the submissions from this week. 

This shot from PuppyPiers really shows that Lara cannot be stopped-be it T-Rexes, deities, or dragons! 


Twitter: PuppyOnLeash

Getting the jump on Larson is really just another day ending in Y. He’s trying his best but just can’t keep up! 


Instagram: omar_snz

This Shiva statue may think they have the jump on Lara, but they don’t realize they’re in for a world of hurt. 


Lara is flipping her way into action (and likely safety) while these raptors try to execute their best pincer attack! 


In hindsight, maybe Bacon Lara isn’t the worst thing. This is definitely the worse thing. 


Twitter: twinpistols_94

You know, guns aren’t the only weapon Lara has access to....

croft photographer2

Instagram: croft_photographer

Lara never ceases to amaze with the trials that she’s overcome across her adventures. We love the photos that the community has shared with us exploring and celebrating Lara in her debut games from 1996-98, and can’t wait to see what you continue to create over time! What were some of your favorite action scenes? What were some of your most memorable fights? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to our socials for more photo mode missions in the future!

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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered
Video Games
Community Creations

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