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Photo Mode Mission Roundup #1: Vehicles

Feb 24, 2024

Good day Raiders! We’ve concluded the first Photo Mode Mission and love seeing Lara travelling in style! Check out some of the highlights from this week of virtual photography.   First up-these stunning shots of Lara on-the-go from al_xgamingphoto: 

al xgaming1
al xgaming2

Twitter: al_xgamingphoto Instagram: al_xgamingphoto

Hashta of the OFP is showing the quad bike some love with this before and after shot!


Twitter: hashta_vp

We’re getting up close and personal in this quad bike shot from CroftCrazy31!


Twitch: CroftCrazy31 Twitter: CroftCrazy31

Lara was enjoying a snow day out according to _jamie_croft_!


Instagram: _jamie_croft_

Does Lara have your total attention now? Instagram user Beccuiq sure hopes so!


Instagram: Beccuiq

Lara’s vehicle versatility knows no bounds, as demonstrated with these shots by baseqq!


Twitter: baseqq

This high flying shot by tomb_raider_collector really showcases Lara'a lack of fears on her adventures.

TR collector

Instagram: tomb_raider_collector

Lara enjoyed her time behind the wheel, but with the help of thecroftfan, she has to send you on your way-busy girl, lots to do!


Instagram: thecroftfan

Our next challenge will be of a fan favorite location: The Croft Manor! We’ll be on the lookout for in-game shots of Lara’s humble abode up to February 28th. Tag @TombRaider on social and use #PhotoMode for a chance to be featured! What were some of your favorites for the week? Was there a vehicle that you thought deserved more love? Let us know on socials over at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Virtual Photography
Tomb Raider I-III Remastered
Video Games
Community Creations

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