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Croft Creation Spotlight #4

Mar 12, 2024

Hello Raiders!  

Welcome to our weekly Croft Creation spotlight! Each week we’ll feature amazing community content from the world of Tomb Raider.  

Check out the highlights from this week below.   

For the ink enthusiast in your life, why not consider: a Lara Croft tattoo? 

ohmy shiro

Instagram: ohmy_shiro 

POV: you’re looking through photo mode submissions and see all the bustling talent of the TR community. 


Instagram: capturesbyniko 

We love seeing Tomb Raider collectibles in the wild, especially when we get to see all eras of Lara in one place! 


Instagram: daki.collector / daki.art 

Lara’s always got the best adventurer energy. 


Last but not least, a little cosplay love to start off your Tuesday.


We love seeing (and sharing!) fan content that celebrates the world of Tomb Raider. Tag us on social for a chance to be featured! 

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Virtual Photography
Community Creations

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