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Tomb Raider (2013)

TR25 Box Art Reimagining: Tomb Raider (2013) by Yoshitaka Amano

Oct 8, 2021

An artistic black and white illustration of Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider," posed dynamically with a bow and arrow, alongside a flying bird, on a textured background.

We’re officially in the Survivor Trilogy celebration months as we approach the end of the year. Starting off in 2013, Lara’s origin story began with shipwrecks, and a lost island in Japan. 

Known by many who enjoy games, we couldn’t be more honored to have worked with the legendary artist himself, Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano is a Japanese artist, character designer, illustrator and a theater and film scenic designer and costume designer. He first came into prominence in the late 1960s working on the anime adaptation of Speed Racer. Amano later became the creator of iconic and influential characters such as Gatchaman, Tekkaman: The Space Knight, Hutch the Honeybee and Casshan.  In 1982 he went independent and became a freelance artist, finding  success as an illustrator for numerous authors, and worked on  best-selling novel series, such as The Guin Saga and Vampire Hunter D. He is also known for his commissioned illustrations for the popular video-game franchise Final Fantasy.

As he has never drawn Lara before, we knew Amano-san’s interpretation would be unique to anything we’ve seen before. To add a finishing touch to this piece, an illustrated logo was added by our very own Franchise Art Director, Brenoch Adams.

Unlike most of the reimagined art we’ve seen this year, Amano-san only paints and draws on a canvas. He had a vision of what he wanted to express as we were describing the game to him, and he was eager to start painting!

「トゥームレイダー25周年、おめでとうございます。 世界的に人気のあるゲームキャラクター、ララ・クロフトを描くにあたり、 日本人のアーティストとしてどの様に特色を出すか、考えながら制作しました。 凛としたララのイメージを意識して墨絵の雰囲気で全体を仕上げました。 また、背景には薄く桜の花びらをあしらいました。 ゲーム開発スタッフ、ファンの皆様に気に入って頂けると嬉しいです。」

“Congratulations on 25 years of Tomb Raider. When working on the world-famous game character Lara Croft, I thought about how to express her features as a Japanese artist. I decided to create a sumi-e (ink wash painting) atmosphere with a dignified Lara. I also added a cherry blossom petal treatment in the background. I hope game development teams and fans will all enjoy it.”

You can see more of his incredible art at www.yoshitakaamano.com/, or on Instagram.

Community Creations
Tomb Raider (2013)

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