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Photo Mode Round Up #4: Traps

Mar 15, 2024

Happy Friday Raiders!  It’s another week, which means another photo mode challenge is upon us!  This time we wanted to see what your photography skills could bring us with TRAPS, and you did not disappoint; check out the highlights of the weekly challenge below!  

Oh geez oh god oh geez 


Instagram: rdark774

I can almost....reach....! 


Twitter: ifrit-XVII

Who installs spikes in a cave?! 


Twitter: Emha 

How is this....not rolling through the bridge? 

clasic croft

Instagram: classic_croft

These traps aren’t so bad, it’s just like practice back at home!

shiro bianca

Instagram: shiro_bianca

Ah, a classic.


Twitter: WolfLoverMike To close out: she's beauty, she's grace, but she just isn't trying to fall on her face tbh (and she's also our header image)

dreamdoll29 2

Twitter: dreamdoll29

Living like Lara seems like a lot of work! But next week's mission will surely be much more relaxed in nature: the new challenge that starts NOW is.....WATER! Your best underwater adventures, your best underwater friends, or maybe just a casual swim. Entries are open from today until March 20th, and make sure you use #tombraider #photomode on your posts! Share your Croft Creations with us on social for a chance to be featured in our next spotlight!

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