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Streamer Kit: Legend & Anniversary

Sep 3, 2021

A "Tomb Raider Legend" streaming graphic with Lara Croft in action, accompanied by the text "Thanks for Watching."

We heard the community and had double the stream fun these past couple of weeks! When our TR25 celebrations began in February this year, we couldn’t quite fit every game into our celebration schedule and fans were bummed to see Anniversary lacking its own celebration month. 

We hope Bren’s reimagined art and our community livestream last week made up for it, and there will be a fan art gallery coming too! As we did not have our own official streamer kit prepared, SteveOfWarr surprised us with making one of us own! He was gracious enough to give it to the other streamers and happy to distribute it to the community as well.

We also wanted to give a big shoutout and thank you to our awesome streamers who took us through Peru, Greece, Egypt and the Lost Island all over again – this time in updated graphics. 

If you want some Anniversary flair for your channel, download Steve’s streamer kit here! Shoutout to Steve for this gorgeous kit!


We also dove into our Legend community stream yesterday, visiting all the diverse locations from Lara’s itinerary. After full playthroughs our streamers did some time trials and searched for all the bronze/silver/gold rewards with the help of chat!

Thank you to our legendary streamers yesterday once again! Please check them out and show them some love:

Be sure to also snag our official custom Legend streamer kit here!


This beautiful England render was made by Roli of Raiding The Globe!

We’re already in September and fans have started celebrating Underworld, but please be on the lookout for a few more Legend celebrations that were delayed. We will be releasing cosplay guides and the fan gallery video when ready, as well as a blog or two.

Otherwise, please look forward to the full reveal of Tomb Raider: Underworld’s reimagined art on Tuesday, September 7th! We’ll see you on our next stream!

Live Stream
Tomb Raider: Legend
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
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