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Lara's Most Iconic Lines from the Survivor Trilogy

May 29, 2024

The Tomb Raider Survivor trilogy presented us with a younger, inexperienced Lara Croft who was about to experience her life-defining adventures. She slowly became more confident through each game and delivered memorable lines along the way. 


“I’d finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead, adventure found me.” 

This is one of the first lines fans heard from young, inexperienced Lara Croft in the official game trailer that premiered in 2011. This line perfectly encapsulates the essence of Tomb Raider (2013), and the turmoil Lara will have to endure.  

“Run, you bastards! I'm coming for you all!” 

Lara battles with the Solarii through the hallways of the Solarii Fortress temple. As she reaches the outdoors, a Solarii member named Nikolai mans a turret and starts shooting at Lara. By pure luck, Lara stumbles upon a grenade launcher and disposes of Nikolai. Armed with some serious firepower, she blasts her way through the temple, shouting the iconic line. 

TR2013 Run You Bastards
“Better keep your distance then.” 

Lara returns from the Endurance, or what's left of it, to inform the rest of the crew about Alex's demise. Reyes is still angry from losing Roth and snaps at Lara, saying anyone caught with her has a low survival rate. Lara snaps right back, saying that Reyes should keep her distance then. 

“I'm not going home.” 

After a cargo ship picked up the surviving Endurance crew members, one of the workers tells Lara they’ll be home soon, to which Lara replies she’s not going home. The Yamatai adventure opened her eyes to the unknown mysteries of the world and fueled her desire to uncover them. 


“It’s a no f*****g way!” 

Lara is captured by Trinity and placed in a small room with Ana, who tries to extract information by pretending she’s been abducted too. After the masks come off, Ana asks Lara to join Trinity, to which Lara has a very intense negative reaction. 

“You don't know how far I've come.” 

Having just learned about Ana’s betrayal, Lara is locked up in a cell next to another prisoner called Jacob who tries to be friendly. Lara brushes him off at first as she doesn’t feel very trusting. After Jacob tells her that she won’t get far without him, Lara laughs saying he has no idea how far she’s come. 

ROTTR You don't know how far I've come.
“This was never your destiny.” 

After Lara defeats Konstantin, she retrieves her weapons and reveals the truth to him: Ana has been manipulating him from the start. Konstantin is not only in disbelief from their battle's outcome but also faces the truth that his purpose was fabricated by his own sister for self-gain. 


“Don't try me…” 

After Unuratu’s death, Lara and Jonah are on their way back to Kuwaq Yaku only to be attacked by Trinity. Lara manages to swim to the shore and is unable to reach Jonah. Visibly tired from the constant losses, she hears a Trinity member taunting her and commanding not to move, which sends her in a completely enraged, but focused state. 

“F**k you Rourke! I’m coming for you.” 

This line echoes the one from Tomb Raider (2013), where Lara felt empowered upon finding a grenade launcher which increased her odds against fighting off the Solarii. 

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a similar line has a completely different tone as it is uttered with pure anger and a desire for vengeance. Rourke contacts Lara via radio, taunting her by claiming Jonah’s dead to lure her into a trap. Lara, completely engulfed by her rage, believes Rourke is telling the truth and goes after him.  

“I'm done searching. I want to be around the living.” 

The Sun has been restored and Trinity defeated. Lara is back in Paititi, talking to Jonah about their future plans. She has finally found closure and remarks that she wants to stay in Paititi a while longer. After witnessing so much death, she wants to be around the living. 

SOTTR Done Searching

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Video Games
Tomb Raider (2013)
Rise of the Tomb Raider
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