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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Top 5 Moments from Shadow of the Tomb Raider

May 27, 2024

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the final and epic conclusion of the Survivor trilogy.  Lara Croft teams up with Jonah Maia tracking Trinity and its leader, Dr. Dominguez, also known as Amaru. Dr. Dominguez is in search of two artifacts: the Key of Chak Chel and the Silver Box of Ix Chel, in order to remake the world using the power of the god Kukulkan. 

Now, let's highlight the top 5 moments from Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Not everything is about you! 

Fearing that Trinity is close to finding the Dagger known as the Key of Chak Chel, Lara takes it from its resting place, triggering a catastrophic chain of events known as the Cleansing. Soon after, Lara is ambushed by Dr. Dominguez and his men, who seize the Dagger from her. Dr. Dominguez can't believe Lara's recklessness, as he thought the Silver Box of Ix Chel was already in her possession. By not possessing both artifacts, she doomed the world. He confronts her about her actions and escapes with his men just before a tsunami strikes Cozumel. Lara barely manages to survive the destruction and reaches one of the rooftops, witnessing the harrowing consequences of her actions along the way.  

Fortunately for Lara, she ends up on the same rooftop as Jonah. In a state of complete panic, she yells that they have to stop Trinity immediately, emphasizing that she believes she's the only one who can do it. In an emotionally charged exchange, Jonah snaps her out of her panicked state, reminding her that not everything revolves around her and that there are people around them in need of urgent help. Slowly, Lara begins to comprehend the gravity of the situation. 


Awakening the Rage 

Rourke taunts Lara with Jonah’s death to lure her into a trap, sending her into a spiral of rage and fueling her need for vengeance. 


Another day, another catastrophe 

Lara and Jonah finally locate the Silver Box of Ix Chel, but as always, things go south when the floor beneath them collapses, and they must swim to safety. Lara then finds Dr. Dominguez holding Jonah at gunpoint, demanding the Box. In fear of losing her best friend, Lara caves in and hands the Box to Dominguez. Jonah, unwilling to let it end that way, manages to punch his captor and flee with the Box. Trinity eventually manages to retrieve the Box, but just as they do, a new catastrophe hits in the form of a mudslide. 


Chak Chel & Ix Chel  

Unutaru, the rightful ruler of Paititi, was tasked with completing the ritual to stop the Cleansing. Unfortunately, Unuratu is shot by Dr. Dominguez’s second-in-command, Commander Rourke. Before passing away, Unuratu asks Lara to perform the ritual in her stead.  

As the eclipse draws near, Lara reaches the City of the Serpent to confront Amaru and stop him from using the Key and the Box to remake the world. As she makes her way through the city, Lara encounters the Crimson Fire, also known as Chak Chel, who is praying over a mask. Lara realizes that they are meant to work together to defeat Kukulkan and identifies herself as Ix Chel. The Crimson Fire presents Lara with a ritual mask of Ix Chel to wear, and they head toward a giant entrance with the army of Yaaxil waiting for them. Lara, along with the Crimson Fire and the Yaaxil, charge to the Pyramid to reach Amaru, wreaking havoc on Trinity along the way. 


The Sacrifice 

Lara defeats Amaru, resulting in the power of Kukulkan being transferred to her. Lara is engulfed by the spirit and is tempted by her biggest desire – a chance to relive her childhood with her parents alive. However, she decides to leave her past behind, echoing Jonah’s earlier sentiment that he wouldn’t change anything in this world if given the same choice. 

Once Lara comes out of her trance, the Crimson Fire presents her once more with the Mask of Ix Chel, and Lara accepts her fate, laying down on the sacrificial altar. The Crimson Fire takes the Key of Ix Chel and sacrifices Kukulkan’s spirit in order to power the Sun. 


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