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5 Times Jonah & Lara Were Absolute Besties

May 8, 2024

The bond between Lara Croft and Jonah Maiava is the backbone of their adventures. They are best friends in the true sense of that word as they accept each other’s differences and use them as strengths. Jonah knows Lara better than anyone else and Lara's daring spirit encourages Jonah to break free from his limitations, while Jonah's steadfastness provides grounding and moral guidance, tempering Lara's impulsive tendencies with wisdom and perspective.  

Yamatai and the Storms 

Jonah was one of the first Endurance crewmembers to trust Lara and her research into the island’s history as he sensed that the storms on Yamatai weren’t natural. He supported Lara by encouraging her to trust her instincts, seeing them as a valuable asset. When he stumbled upon a Compound Bow on the island, he knew Lara could make great use of it and saved it for her. Throughout their time on Yamatai, he stayed positive, often calling Lara "little bird" and never doubting her abilities. 

Jonah telling Reyes to trust Lara

Finding the Atlas 

After their ordeal in Yamatai, Jonah grew increasingly concerned about Lara's fixation on finding the Divine Source. He attempted to reason with her, fearing for her safety. Soon after their argument, Jonah intervened to protect Lara from an attack by a member of Trinity. This incident made him realize that he had no choice but to stand by her side and assist her in unraveling the mystery. 

Their journey led them to the Geothermal Valley in Siberia, where Lara discovered the Atlas, a key artifact leading to the hidden city of Kitezh. But just as they made this breakthrough, Trinity struck, kidnapping Jonah. 

Despite Jonah's earlier warnings about the dangers of her obsession, Lara had been consumed by her quest. It wasn't until Jonah was taken, along with the Atlas, that she recognized the importance of his safety over her pursuit of the Divine Source. 

Goodbye Eli 

Lara's fixation on Trinity intensified, leading her to prioritize her quest for truth over her own well-being. Despite the risks, she plunged headlong into danger, reverting to her old ways. 

Upon reuniting with Jonah after a harrowing plane crash, Lara noticed a parasite found a way under his arm and took action to remove it. This moment prompted a candid conversation between them, during which Jonah acknowledged Lara's tendency to become consumed by her pursuits, often neglecting the people who care about her. Despite this, he reaffirmed his commitment to stand by her side as a friend, emphasizing that it was his choice to offer support. 

Bonding Stories

After surviving a jaguar attack, Lara and Jonah took a moment to rest. Jonah asked Lara to take a look at her wound. Lara was about to object but decided not to, realizing it was something they both needed. As he tended to her wounds, Jonah shared his thoughts about his late brother, admitting he often wrestled with feelings of guilt for not being able to save him. Lara, in turn, reassured Jonah that he couldn't protect everyone. This sentiment mirrored Jonah's ongoing efforts to safeguard Lara, particularly given her tendency to take risks with her own safety. She asked Jonah a thought-provoking question: If he could change the past, would he bring back his brother? Jonah's answer was unexpected - he cherished everything he loved in the present, saying he wouldn't alter a thing. Jonah's response left Lara deep in thought, hinting that his words could potentially influence her own decision-making when confronted with a similar dilemma in the future. 

Finding the Silver Box of Ix Chel 

Lara and Jonah work together to reach the final resting place of the Silver Box of Ix Chel. After Lara retrieves the Box, the ground collapses beneath them, forcing them to navigate their way out. Eventually, Lara escapes and discovers Jonah held at gunpoint. Despite his protests, Lara hands over the Box to Dr. Dominguez, demonstrating once again the significance of Jonah in her life. 

Jonah2-06a handing over the Box of Ix Chel to Amaru

Fortunately, Jonah seizes an opportunity to disarm his captor and steals the Box, making his escape. Despite Lara prioritizing her friendship with Jonah over the Box and Dr. Dominguez's intentions, it's Jonah who motivates her to take action to prevent the Box from falling into the wrong hands. 

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