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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Top 5 Moments from Rise of the Tomb Raider

May 20, 2024

Building upon its predecessor's foundation, Rise of the Tomb Raider not only enhanced its visuals but also expanded the exploration mechanics as well as introduced even bigger action-packed sequences. Lara Croft is in pursuit of an ancient artifact known as the Divine Source and has to find it before Trinity does.    Today we bring you top 5 most memorable action-packed moments from Rise of the Tomb Raider


Lara and Jonah are climbing a mountain to find the Lost City when a storm hits, triggering an avalanche. Lara urges Jonah to retreat while she tries to outrun it. 


Prophet’s Tomb Collapses 

Lara discovers the Prophet’s Tomb in Syria and finds what was supposed to be the Prophet’s resting place. However, the sarcophagus is empty. Lara is ambushed by Trinity’s Field Commander, Konstantin, and his team, but she manages to steal his bomb trigger just before he attempts to dispose of her. Lara then activates the trigger, causing the entire tomb to collapse upon itself. 


Bear Attack 

After surviving the avalanche and gathering supplies, Lara continues her journey through the Siberian wilderness, only to encounter a formidable obstacle - a large, menacing bear. (She definitely can’t pet that dog). 


Helicopter Attack 

After escaping their imprisonment, Lara reunites with Jacob, only to be spotted and attacked by a Trinity helicopter. With no other options, Lara and Jacob leap into the icy Siberian waters. Lara barely manages to swim to the surface, believing she's safe, but Trinity's helicopter locates her, compelling her to quickly regain her footing and start running. 


Climbing the Tower in Kitezh 

Trinity breaches the ice encasing the Lost City of Kitezh in their pursuit of the Divine Source, but not without facing resistance. The Deathless warriors engage them in an epic siege of Kitezh. In order to reach the Chamber of Souls, Lara must scale a tower amidst the chaos of the siege, making the climb all the more challenging. 


What are your favorite moments from Rise of the Tomb Raider? Sound off on social and let us know!  

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Video Games
Rise of the Tomb Raider
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