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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Vehicles Ranked

Feb 21, 2024

Lara jumping with a green quad bike over the river Ganges

Like Lara, many Tomb Raider fans enjoy speeding across land, water, and even air in an assortment of vehicles. We explore the many modes of transportation in Tomb Raider I-III Remastered below. 

7. Kayak 

The kayak is a vehicle Lara uses to navigate the streams in the Madubu Gorge. Many players shiver at the thought of its complex controls, which are as challenging as navigating a raving river full of deadly obstacles and sudden drops. Tapping the forward button makes the kayak move, but it veers to one side depending on Lara's pedaling direction. The pedals require careful calculation. A useful note to remember is that pushing the forward button always starts with Lara pedaling right. The punishing traps of Madubu Gorge and kayak controls make this vehicle infamous in the eyes of fans, landing it in last position in our list.  

Lara paddling in a kayak through Madubu Gorge
6. Underwater Propulsion Vehicle

The UPV is a vehicle Lara discovers in the underwater tunnels of Lud’s Gate. Equipped with a front light and harpoon shooters, the UPV makes it easier for Lara to swim faster through enemy infested tunnels. Because it’s attributed to one of the most difficult levels of the franchise as well as being challenging to control, we rank it in sixth place.

Lara using a UPV to navigate the underwater tunnels in Lud's Gate
5. Dinghy

Lara gains control of a dinghy after releasing it from the RX Explorer ship’s stern. The dinghy is easy to drive and will get Lara efficiently over the icy waters of Antarctica. The Dinghy has extra boost for faster speeds, which is a fun feature for fans to use.

Lara in a dinghy in Antarctica next to the RX Explorer ship
4. Mine Cart

The mine cart earns fourth place due to its unique nature. Lara operates the mine cart in the RX-Tech Mines level to access parts unreachable by other means. The vehicle itself is capable only of braking, but Lara can use a wrench to hit rail controls to switch paths. She can also duck to evade obstacles and lean onto the sides, using her weight to control the cart. This becomes especially useful when the cart gains speed and encounters tight turns. Once you become familiar with the trails, the cart becomes easy to control.

Lara in a mine cart in RX-Tech Mines going down a slope
3. Snowmobile

We doubt fans can even think about the snowmobile without instantly hearing the iconic Skidoo track. There are two types of snowmobiles Lara can drive. The first one she finds is a red model parked in front of a hut in Tibetan Foothills. This snowmobile has a boost ability, allowing Lara to jump over large gaps. The second snowmobile she encounters is the Fiamma Nera model, which has two machine guns mounted on the front. Due to its heavy weight, it is unable to cross large gaps like the red one. The snowmobile can be quite slippery to control on the snowy landscape, but because it comes in two variations and introduces us to the Skidoo track, it lands squarely in third place.

Lara jumping over a large gap in a red snowmobile in Tibetan Foothills
2. Motorboat

Just like the dinghy, the motorboat has a boost speed ability, making it great for traversing through Venice canals. What ranks the motorboat above the dinghy is its association with one of the most iconic moments of the Remasters - Lara crashing the motorboat through a canal window, landing on the doomed gondolas beneath. If that wasn’t enough action for you, Lara also uses one of the motorboats to crash it into water mines, clearing the path to Bartoli’s Hideout.

Lara speeding through a canal in Venice in a motorboat
1. Quad Bike

In Tomb Raider III's Croft Manor, Lara has an entire racetrack created to hone her quad bike skills. This versatile vehicle aids Lara in crossing large gaps and is featured in the River Ganges level, where she drives it to confront mad Tony, and in Nevada where she uses the quad bike to leap over a fence and access a restricted area. The quad bike can be brake boosted to gain additional speed for covering longer distances in tight spaces. Lara's original preferred mode of transportation is her trusty Norton Streetfighter, which is only portrayed in cutscenes. Since the quad bike is available at Croft Manor, it claims the top spot as one of Lara's favorite methods of transportation.

Lara jumping over a slope on a quad bike in the Croft manor's racetrack

How does our ranked list compare to yours? Sound off on social and let us know your favorite Tomb Raider I-III Remastered vehicle!

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Video Games
Tomb Raider I-III Remastered
Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider III

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