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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

Everything We Announced on Lara's Birthday

Feb 15, 2024

Lara and Winston standing in front of the Croft Manor in Tomb Raider III

We hope you had a great time celebrating Lara's birthday this year, just like we did! Here's a quick rundown of all the exciting announcements from yesterday.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Launch

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered is out now! 

Experience Lara’s first three adventures all over again. Tomb Raider I-III Remastered features the original three games, and for the first time available on modern consoles fans can also play:  

  • Tomb Raider’s “Unfinished Business” Expansion  

  • Tomb Raider II’s “The Golden Mask” Expansion  

  • Tomb Raider III’s “The Lost Artifact” Expansion  

Pick up Tomb Raider I-III Remastered on your platform of choice today: 

Tomb Raider Gear Store Launch 

We are thrilled to launch the official Tomb Raider Gear Store – your one-stop-shop for all Tomb Raider collectibles!  

A collage of all the Tomb Raider-themed products launching in the Gear Store.

Visit the Gear Store and unleash your inner Lara Croft!

The Tomb Raider Gear Store will be regularly updated with new merch celebrating all eras of Lara Croft, so make sure to follow the Gear Store socials on Instagram, X, and Facebook to be the first to know when new items drop.

Help Bring Lara Croft’s Iconic Adventure Backpack to Life! 

Idea Planet Launch’s fan-funded Tomb Raider Collector’s Bundle is now available for pre-order! 


Last year you selected Lara Croft’s iconic adventure backpack as the next great Tomb Raider collectible you’d like to see made. In the time since, our friends at Idea Planet Launch have been ironing out the fine details, including the goodies inside! 

The Tomb Raider Collector’s Bundle is available to pre-order today. 

As with all Idea Planet Launch projects, this is a fan-funded campaign, so securing 2,500 backers is needed for them to put the bundle into production! The pre-order campaign runs from Feb. 14 until March 31 at midnight EST, and you can track campaign progress HERE. Help spread the word on social!

Welcome to the Society of Raiders!
An image of the Society of Raiders crest.

The world of Tomb Raider is filled with colorful characters searching for powerful secrets. Some are in it for the glory, others to preserve history - still others seek to uncover and protect knowledge lost to the ages. Tomb raiders who share similar interests watch each other’s backs in the most dangerous corners of the world. When conflict is unavoidable, they struggle to best each other in contests of wits and wills. But they all have something in common – a thirst for adventure!

As Crystal Dynamics continues to bring you exciting new tomb raiding experiences, we’d like to invite our fans to join the ranks of the Society of Raiders.   

Join the Society of Raiders on TombRaider.com to be the first to know the latest news and announcements about Lara Croft’s upcoming adventures in the world of Tomb Raider. Society Members gain immediate access to wallpapers, the Tomb Raider newsletter, and more. If you join prior to March 14, 2024, you will unlock the early access Atlantean Scion avatar!

Join the Society of Raiders today... adventure awaits!

Remaster Streamer Kits 

We know many community members are looking forward to something you couldn’t do in the late 90s - livestream these classic games!


As a treat for fans, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive streamer kit for use as you stream to your followers. 

The streamer kit includes: 

  • A themed overlay supporting gameplay 

  • A second themed overlay supporting gameplay and a camera 

  • Alerts for new follows, donations, and subs/resubs 

  • 3 themed emojis 

  • A blank, customizable themed panel 

Anyone is welcome to download this kit and use it on their channels! Download it below (7mb). 


We hope you’re enjoying playing the Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. Remember to take breaks, drink water and happy raiding! 

Video Games
Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

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