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TR25 Fan Spotlight: Lito Perezito

Apr 16, 2021

A digital image of Lara Croft in a contemplative pose, holding onto handlebars with a desert landscape and a cross marker in the background.

It’s time for another #TR25 Fan Spotlight! We noticed with the monthly box art reimagining’s that we’ve been releasing, that community members and artists have been inspired to create their own renditions.

Lito Perezito took that to a whole new level. You may remember him for his stunning art piece featured in LaracroftPT’s TR25 celebrations earlier this year. Well now you can find several reimagined box art designs by him for almost every Tomb Raider title! 

We knew this month would be a good time to feature him because he made several different designs for Tomb Raider III in particular, each inspired by the diverse locations in the game and the different outfits that Lara sports to go with them. Check them out:

Be sure to give him some love on Twitter and check out more of his work. We’re looking forward to more celebrations throughout the month and year!

Community Spotlight
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