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Tomb Raider (1996)
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Tomb Raider I, II, and III Arrive on Evercade Consoles

Apr 17, 2024


I’m Andrew Byatt and I’m the CEO of Blaze Entertainment. We make a retro game device called the Evercade and we’re delighted to partner with Crystal Dynamics in bringing Tomb Raider to our physical cartridge retro gaming platform. What is Evercade? Well, let me introduce you to the world's fastest-growing officially licensed retro gaming ecosystem!

Evercade started in 2020 with a goal - to bring back the classic nostalgic gaming experience. We've launched various systems, such as handhelds and TV consoles, designed to play retro games through our unique physical cartridge ecosystem. We officially license these from their owners and package the cart with a full-colour manual we create, all in a clamshell case. So far we have published over 50 of these collections, full of classic games. We wanted to take people back to the time of their youths, when you could smell a new game after unwrapping the plastic, breathe in the pages of a manual that told you how to play a game and feel the satisfaction of a healthy click as you insert a cart to your device.

So why are we here? We’re delighted to share the news of our new partnership with Crystal Dynamics to bring Tomb Raider to Evercade! Our emulation capabilities include 32-bit home console gaming, which means we can bring the home console versions of Lara Croft’s first three published adventures to Evercade fans! All on one physical cartridge!

We’re big fans of Tomb Raider at Evercade (we are British after all) and for many of us, the adventures of Lara Croft from the 1990s not only defined many of our gaming memories but revolutionised what gaming could be with this burgeoning 3D era. As Lara Croft became a cultural icon, the Tomb Raider games kept coming and many of the levels, the action-packed moments, and the increasingly more impressive game mechanics etched onto our memories forever.

These original versions of the game have a few tweaks to enable them to play a little better on modern displays but otherwise are the completely original 32-bit CD games that I’m sure many of you played many hours of, or maybe still own them.

Not only are we delighted to release Tomb Raider Collection 1 this July, but we’re also excited to share that it has become the bundled cartridge for our newest hardware refresh, the Evercade EXP-R and VS-R.

We’d like to thank Crystal Dynamics for joining us in this partnership and hope that Evercade fans enjoy retreading the paths of the past, and that maybe Tomb Raider fans can find a new way to enjoy these beloved games and discover even more that Evercade has to offer.

Andrew Byatt


Blaze Entertainment Ltd.

Tomb Raider (1996)
Video Games
Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider III

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