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Lara Croft Embarks On A Dangerous Adventure In Dead by Daylight

Jun 25, 2024

Lara Croft is coming to Dead by Daylight.

The ultimate survivor, Lara Croft is one of the most recognizable icons in video game history, having undergone no shortage of incredible adventures. Now she's set to embark on one of her darkest journeys yet, delving into a nightmarish horror realm from which there is no escape.

Not even death.

What is Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight pits a team of Survivors against a lone Killer, who stands determined to sacrifice each one to an eldritch being known only as The Entity. Now in its eighth year, Dead by Daylight has welcomed a vast roster of original and licensed characters from across the horror spectrum.

In Lara’s case, it felt fitting to welcome a legendary character that epitomizes the spirit of survival instinct. Her own experiences have been riddled with brutal encounters, driving her to the brink and back. One dance with death after another, Lara has persevered with unwavering resolve. From battling Stormguards on the cursed island of Yamatai, to enduring Baba Yaga’s nightmarish hallucinations in the Wicked Vale, Lara Croft proves she meets each challenge with a survivor’s determination.

And while she has even faced the supernatural, nothing can prepare her for what she’s about to experience in The Fog.

Terrifying Foes Are Waiting...

A hulking masked maniac with a penchant for setting rusty traps. A tormented apparition whose lifetime of tragedy is paid back tenfold. A deformed chainsaw-wielding hillbilly whose low cunning should never be underestimated. A nurse whose healer’s gift proved to be a curse beyond comprehension. A folkloric nightmare far more bloodthirsty than even the deadliest woodland beast...

They, and more, are among the terrors that await.

Hope Is Not Lost...

To outwit and survive, Lara will need to use every tool at her disposal. Whether that means outrunning her pursuers with adrenaline-fueled dexterity, or staying calm in the face of danger, fear must never take the wheel. On the bright side, at least there are chests to open, and crucial treasures to be uncovered...

On July 16th, experience a new side of Tomb Raider as Lara Croft plunges headlong into a world of endless horror and high-stakes action. Welcome to The Fog.

Video Games
Tomb Raider (2013)
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