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Lara Croft from the Guardian of Light.
Lara Croft from the Guardian of Light. Top left cornerTop right cornerBottom left cornerBottom right corner
An action-packed screenshot from a Tomb Raider game featuring a character confronting a giant spider on a narrow stone bridge above a deep abyss, with smaller spiders nearby.
Promotional artwork for The Lara Croft Collection featuring the iconic character with dual pistols, alongside other characters and creatures, against a backdrop of ancient ruins and mystical elements.
An in-game scene from a Tomb Raider game showing multiple characters in a blue-glowing magical circle, engaged in battle with spectral enemies in an Egyptian tomb-like setting.
A dynamic screenshot from a Tomb Raider game displaying a character avoiding a fiery trap with multiple flame jets and projectiles in an underground cavern setting.
Arial view of three beams of light surrounding stack of boxes inside tomb.
A screenshot from a Tomb Raider game showing characters engaged in combat on an ancient stone bridge over a deep chasm, with magical effects and artifacts surrounding the action.
The gold-text logo of 'The Lara Croft Collection' set on a black background, with intricate script and a stylized figure.

Lara Croft makes her Nintendo Switch debut with two Tomb Raider adventures in one treasure-packed bundle, featuring non-stop arcade combat and 2-4 player co-op. Leap into the fast-paced arcade combat and puzzle-packed platforming of two outstanding adventures for tomb raiders of all abilities; enjoyably easy to pick up, rewardingly difficult to master. Penetrate dense jungles and navigate elaborate Aztec ruins in Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light, and investigate the cursed tombs of ancient pharaohs in Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris. Blast through hordes of supernatural foes, overcome intricate Challenge Tombs, beat high scores, and equip yourself with a massive arsenal of unlockable weapons, equipment, and magical artifacts.

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Jun 1, 2023


Feral Interactive


Feral Interactive

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