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Top 5 Tomb Raider: Anniversary Puzzles

Jun 4, 2024

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is the 2007 remake of Tomb Raider (1996). While Anniversary closely follows the original’s design, there are key gameplay differences. The focus shifts from the precision platforming of the original, which was facilitated by the grid system, to a modernized, timing-oriented platforming in Anniversary with an upgraded combat system, influencing the approach to the remake’s level designs. 

Here are the top 5 puzzles that were further expanded upon in Tomb Raider: Anniversary from their great original Tomb Raider (1996) counterparts. 

The Four Small Obelisks / Raising the Platform 

To open a giant door at the end of the Temple of Khamoon and progress to the next area, Lara needs to correctly position a small obelisk, each with a movable cylinder base that depicts Egyptian art. She can find clues about the correct positions of the artwork in small rooms hidden behind movable stone blocks. 

TRA - Raising the Platform

A similar puzzle can be found at the beginning of the Sanctuary of the Scion, where Lara needs to raise a platform by positioning the art on the cylinders correctly to progress further. The goal is to rotate the cylinders so that the images on adjacent sides of the square align with each other. The challenge is that rotating one cylinder also rotates two adjacent cylinders. Although it may seem complicated at first, the puzzle can be solved quickly by rotating only two cylinders, two times each. The problem arises from rotating them too many times in the wrong way, which makes it quite challenging to position the images correctly, in which case, it’s best to reload a save file and start again. 

Talk about being your own worst enemy 

TRA - Doppelganger

This iconic boss encounter, which is fully puzzle-based, makes its return in Anniversary as well. The original concept remains the same – make the Doppelganger fall to her demise. The Doppelganger mirrors Lara’s every move, including attacks, meaning shooting her isn’t an option. Lara needs to figure out how to use the Doppelganger’s mirroring movements to her advantage. 

Perseus Constellation Puzzle / Anubis and Seth statues 

TRA - Constellation

After climbing the pillars in the first room of St. Francis’ Folly, Lara stumbles upon a stone mural depicting Perseus holding Medusa’s head, with light beam points scattered as a constellation across the mural. There is a pressure pad in front of it that covers all holes on the mural when stepped on. Lara needs to find clues throughout the area to determine which light points need to be open and which closed in order to open various doors. 

TRA - Sanctuary Scarab

Another puzzle with a similar concept can be found in the level Sanctuary of the Scion, right after Lara gains entrance to the giant Sphinx in the main room. After following the path through it, she ends up in a room with two giant statues of Anubis and Horus. Each statue has a set of four metal scarabs that can be rotated by shooting at them. The goal is to position them in the right orientation as depicted in the carvings found near the metal scarabs. 

Light Beams 

TRA - Beams

This is the third time the level Sanctuary of the Scion is mentioned in this list, which essentially makes it one big puzzle where Lara needs to find two Ankh Keys to open the door to the giant Sphinx in the main area and progress further in her quest to obtain the third and final piece of the Scion. There are two paths, each on a side of the Sphinx, that lead to rooms with obelisks inside a pool of water. The goal in both rooms is to raise the four obelisks using the wall mechanism and then lower the obelisk from the top of the room, whose tip needs to hit the sun ray and redistribute the rays of light to the other four obelisk tips to open a door that guards the Ankh Key. While these rooms are more of a combination of puzzle and platforming, with an emphasis on the latter, it’s a creative way to further build upon the already great original ideas of the Sanctuary of the Scion. 

Poseidon's Room 

TRA - Poseidon

The Neptune Room in St. Francis’ Folly has been renamed Poseidon's Room to accurately reflect the Greek mythology in which the level is set. The name change is not the only update; the room has been significantly expanded from its original version and is a great example of a well-executed room remake, both visually and in terms of gameplay. Instead of simply swimming down to grab the key, the room now features a water puzzle that spans several floors. Lara needs to control the water flow to lower and raise the water level and position a floating wooden raft in a position which enables her to reach Poseidon's key. 

What are some of your favorite Tomb Raider: Anniversary puzzles? Sound off on social and let us know!  

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary
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