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Tomb Raider 27th Anniversary News Roundup

Oct 25, 2023


Can you believe it’s been 27 years since Lara Croft’s swan dive debut? So much has happened since then, and we appreciate the love you’ve poured into Tomb Raider over the years. To celebrate this anniversary, we wanted to share some new announcements as well as highlights from the last year. To start, we’re finally bringing Lara Croft’s original adventures to modern consoles, complete with all secret levels and expansions! You can pre-order the bundle on SteamPlayStationXbox, and Nintendo SwitchTomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft will give players the power to switch between the original polygonal graphics and the upgraded visuals at any time. 


Our leading heroine has been everywhere this year, including appearances in the award-winning Tomb Raider: The LIVE ExperienceFall GuysThe Walking Dead, and Call of Duty. In all these iterations, Lara Croft is sporting a consistent look pulled from different eras. This unified look includes her iconic teal top from the classic era, her backpack with a cross-strap as featured in Tomb Raider Legend, and her jade necklace from the Survivor series.  

In the original anime produced by Legendary Pictures for Netflix, we’re seeing Lara’s evolution from the Survivor era to her look made famous by the original Tomb Raider. This all-new anime will make an appearance at Netflix’s Geeked Week coming up! In case you missed it, catch the first look of TOMB RAIDER: The Legend of Lara Croft here: 


Lara Croft has been a part of so many people’s lives, and as massive fans ourselves, we want to celebrate the original Lara in some fun and unique ways. We’re proud to announce (as many of you have asked!) that we are partnering with Numskull to create the very first Lara Croft TUBBZ duck collectible paying homage to her original polygon glory!  


Not only that, but you can have a say in what comes next! We’re partnering with Idea Planet LAUNCH/BDA and giving you a chance to vote for the next great collectible! Submissions are open from now until November 1 at midnight EST. Your voice matters, and we’re excited to see what you choose.  


Many of you have been fans of Tomb Raider for the last 27 years. But there are new people joining Lara Croft’s globe-trotting expeditions for the first time, so we’ve partnered with Steam and Xbox to offer some of our biggest games at a lower price-point for a limited time.  


Lara Croft has always been at the heart of our journey, and we’re thrilled to celebrate this iconic franchise with you. Sign-up for our official newsletter on www.tombraider.com to stay up to date on Lara’s latest adventures!  

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