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The Official Tomb Raider Gear Store is Live!

Feb 14, 2024

A collage of all the Tomb Raider-themed products launching in the Gear Store.

Today we are thrilled to launch the official Tomb Raider Gear Store – your one-stop-shop for all Tomb Raider collectibles! The Tomb Raider Gear Store will be regularly updated with new merch celebrating all eras of Lara Croft, so make sure to follow the Gear Store socials on Instagram, X, and Facebook to be the first to know when new items drop. Now let’s take a look at the store’s launch lineup! 

Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook  

Official Product Image for the Tomb Raider Cookbook and Travel Guide

Explore the world with Lara Croft and take your palate on exciting adventures! Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide features over 40 recipes from the many beautiful locations Lara explores across the globe, plus expert information on their cultural history. 

Featuring beautiful full color photography as well as stunning art from the games, this is the ultimate gift for fans, travelers, and food aficionados alike.  

Lara Croft Mini Epic 

A collectible Lara Croft figurine.

This is world-renowned archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft. Since she raided her first tomb in 1996, players have been helping her solve puzzles, find treasures, and dodge booby traps. A legend in the action-adventure genre, Lara is iconic for both her treasure-hunting skills and character design. That’s why no matter the style, you instantly know who it is by the outfit, braids and guns. 

The Lara Croft Mini Epic Figure is a premium and stylized portrayal of Lara rendered in vinyl. It is sculpted by Mauro Santini of Wētā Workshop, a studio renowned for the quality of their work in the visual arts. See the images in our gallery for closeups that show all the wonderful little details of this mini. 

Lara Croft & Raptor Mini Epic 

A collectible of Lara Croft dueling a velociraptor.

The Lara Croft and Raptor Mini Epic Figure pays homage to one of the game’s classic enemies. The velociraptor - or simply “raptor” to its foes - is seen here with Lara’s boot on its very expressive face. The two are frozen in time at the peak of action as the creature whips around to stare down the barrels of Lara’s pistols, and the tomb raider descends upon a deadly predator who is now her prey. 

Get this premium collectible sculpted by Wētā Workshop’s Mauro Santini and bring the action to your collection. 

Croft Manor Keychain 

A Tomb Raider-themed keychain.

We can’t all live in massive mansions full of priceless artifacts. But if you keep your keys on the Croft Manor Keychain, you can add a touch of that world to your daily life. 

Tomb Raider Play for Sport Hoodie 

A grey hoodie with a silhouette of Lara Croft and the logo from the original Tomb Raider game.

The Tomb Raider Play for Sport Hoodie is a nod to the very first Tomb Raider game released in 1996, featuring the unmistakable silhouette of Lara Croft embroidered on the front, and the game’s logo on the back. 

Lara Croft’s Classic Raider Specs 

Official product image of Lara Croft's classic red, circular glasses.

Whether she’s getting lost in a desert, gearing up for a covert mission, or just going out on a sunny day, Lara sure knows how to elevate an outfit. Take a leaf out of her book with the Lara Croft’s Classic Raider Specs

Based on the red pair Lara wears in classic Tomb Raider, this stylish accessory comes with an equally-stylish case. 

Tomb Raider Ancient Adventures Bag 

A cross-body leather bag branded with the Atlantean Scion.

Carry your laptop, survival gear, and mysterious archaeological finds in your Tomb Raider Ancient Adventures Bag. Inspired by the bags Lara uses in-game, this beautifully-crafted leather bag is as stylish as it is practical. 

Tomb Raider Lost Valley Shadowbox 

A light-up box depicting Lara Croft facing a T-Rex.

Relive the big reveal in the valley trapped in prehistory! The Tomb Raider Lost Valley Shadowbox is a beautifully rendered and composed artwork depicting the moment when Lara Croft met her first T-Rex. The background layer shows the Lost Valley’s breathtaking waterfalls. Our fearless hero stands in the foreground. In between them, the king of the dinosaurs prepares to charge through the middle ground. 

View this shadowbox from different angles to experience the parallax effect created by its three layers. It also features LED lights that illuminate the scene, putting Lara in the spotlight. 

Snap a shot of your favorite Tomb Raider Gear Store purchases and share them with us for a chance to be featured on our socials! Instagram, Threads, X, Facebook, TikTok


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