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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

Help Bring Lara Croft’s Iconic Adventure Backpack to Life!

Feb 14, 2024

A product image depicting a replica of Lara Croft's backpack, a leather journal, and Tomb Raider game cover-themed collectible pins.

Idea Planet Launch’s fan-funded Tomb Raider Collector’s Bundle is now available for pre-order! 

Last year you selected Lara Croft’s iconic adventure backpack as the next great Tomb Raider collectible you’d like to see made. In the time since, our friends at Idea Planet Launch have been ironing out the fine details, including the goodies inside!

The Tomb Raider Collector’s Bundle is available to pre-order today for $119 USD and includes: 

  • Lara Croft's Backpack 

    • 13” W x 10.5” H x 5” D 

    • Authentically aged and distressed top-quality vegan leather 

    • Fully lined interior 

    • Main compartment features two compartments with enough space to fit your tablet, chargers, journal, and perhaps an artifact or two!  

    • Snap closure to keep your belongings secure 

    • Matching brass hardware 

    • Individually numbered 

  • Lara Croft’s Journal 

    • 5.3” W x 8.5” L x 0.75” thick 

    • Authentically aged and distressed top-quality vegan leather 

    • Cover features debossed Croft family crest 

    • Weathered, 150 gsm acid-free paper 

    • 85 blank pages 

    • Adjustable leather strap closure 

  • Tomb Raider Pin Collection 

    • Three die-case, zinc alloy pins featuring cover art from the first three Tomb Raider adventures 

    • One die-cast, zinc alloy pin featuring the Croft family crest, made of antique nickel with metallic gold and black wash 

As with all Idea Planet Launch projects, this is a fan-funded campaign, so securing 2,500 backers is needed for them to put the bundle into production! The pre-order campaign runs from Feb. 14 until March 31 at midnight EST, and you can track campaign progress HERE. Help spread the word on social!  

*If you back the Tomb Raider Collectors Bundle and Idea Planet Launch doesn’t hit 2,500 orders, the bundle will not go into production, and you will receive a full refund. 

As a bonus, when you back the campaign, you’ll immediately receive two digital papercraft downloads – one of Lara Croft’s old friend the T-Rex and one of the Atlantean Scion from Tomb Raider (1996)!  

T-Rex and Artifact Papercraft with text that says "Exclusive Digital Downloads."

Back the Tomb Raider Collector's Bundle today! 

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

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