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Cosplay Guides: Tomb Raider II

Apr 7, 2021

We’re back with more Croft cosplay to add to your wardrobe! This time we’ve paired together a few cosplay guides for outfits from Lara Croft’s adventures in Tomb Raider II, using details from the Core Design archive.

The Classic Outfit

Her classic ensemble returns with a couple of minor tweaks, Lara retained the iconic teal leotard, brown shorts with holsters, lace up boots, fingerless gloves and the gold buckle on her belt. This time however, Lara’s hair was in a full braid as originally intended and they made her leotard with more of a scoop neck that better matches cutscene and renders. She retains her athletic and practical look, ready to raid any tomb!

The Manor Outfit & Dressing Gown Outfit

In Tomb Raider II, Lara’s Croft Manor outfit got a bit of a makeover, featuring Croft Manor Sport! Since training extended to obstacle courses outdoor, her outfit had an even sportier look to go with it.  

Known for an iconic scene at the end of Tomb Raider II, Lara is in the comfort of here own Home Sweet Home – but this time she isn’t training in her Croft Manor Attire, but relaxing in her Dressing Gown. We love that she still had the Dagger of Xi’an with her, and even a shotgun in close proximity. Lara’s always on guard and ready.

The Bomber Jacket Outfit & The Sola Wetsuit Outfit

As Lara’s itinerary started to get more expansive in the series, her need for adapting to different climates and terrain increased! The Bomber Jacket outfit is perhaps one of the classic era’s most iconic looks. As she set off for Tibet on an airplane, Lara went for a simple addition to her classic look that kept her warmer with some added flair.  

The Sola Wetsuit outfit was originally a more plain wetsuit in the beta version of the game but fans love this sporty suit that served Lara well in her underwater escapades. The wetsuit allowed her for better mobility underwater and to wield her harpoon gun against sharks and other fearsome ocean dwellers.

Cosplay Guides

 Keep a lookout for more cosplay guides coming from us throughout the year,

including Tomb Raider III later this month!

Video Games
Tomb Raider II
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