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Welcome to the Society of Raiders!

Feb 14, 2024

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“Lara, you asked me once… who are we, this Society of Raiders? Where did we come from?  Well, truth be told, we’ve always been here, exploring the darkest corners of forgotten tombs, seeking ancient treasure, uncovering truth… discovering power. We could be anyone – the captain of a ship, a museum curator, a mercenary, or even the heir to a great family. We seek answers to the questions that have haunted humanity since the beginning of time. What mysteries lie undiscovered? What truths remain hidden and shrouded in myth? The world is full of unanswered questions, beyond all limits or reason... adventure awaits!” 
~ Conrad Roth 

The Society of Raiders is seeking new members! 

The world of Tomb Raider is filled with colorful characters searching for powerful secrets. Some are in it for the glory, others to preserve history - still others seek to uncover and protect knowledge lost to the ages. Tomb Raiders who share similar interests watch each other’s backs in the most dangerous corners of the world. When conflict is unavoidable, they struggle to best each other in contests of wits and wills. But they all have something in common – a thirst for adventure! 

As Crystal Dynamics continues to bring you exciting new tomb raiding experiences, we’d like to invite our fans to join the ranks of the Society of Raiders.  

Join the Society of Raiders on TombRaider.com to be the first to know the latest news and announcements about Lara Croft’s upcoming adventures in the world of Tomb Raider. Society Members gain immediate access to wallpapers, the Tomb Raider newsletter, and more. If you join prior to March 14, 2024, you will unlock the early access Atlantean Scion avatar!  

Join the Society of Raiders today... adventure awaits! 


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Join the new Society of Raiders

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