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TR25 Fan Film Feature: May

May 17, 2021

A collage of three individuals posing as characters from Tomb Raider, including a man with a scarf and a woman aiming a gun.

Hi raiders! Kate here. It’s Tomb Raider 4 month and we are back with another fan film feature!

Sit back and enjoy as we take you back to Egypt…

“Tomb Raider: Wrath of Seth” (US) Written, directed by and starring Raymond Croft

This concept trailer is the perfect example of how Lara Croft’s character has inspired people of all walks of life and genders.

Raymond’s retelling of “The Last Revelation”, co-starring Miranda AKA Saylum as genderbent VonCroy, will have you on the edge of your seat with its aastunning cinematography and CGI!

After failing to stop the apocalypse he started, Croft must put things right and end the “Wrath of Seth”. 

“Tomb Raider: Curse of Meretseger” (US) Written by and starring Annie Roig (The Cosplay Mom) as Lara Croft, Jennifer Anne as Meretseger and Rodd Rambo as Jeremy Dixon.

Directed by Allen Green

Going back to the early 2000s now with this short, it’s inception and filming taking place all in one day.

Lara finds herself battling another evil Egyptian god when a rival unleashes an ancient curse.

I’ve been an admirer of Annie’s work for a long time now. Then an actress with some look-a-like competition wins under her belt, Annie combined her love of cosplay and acting to create this fun piece with a few friends. Considering this was a bit of an impromptu endeavor, the team managed to capture the spirit of the early games really well!

“Tomb Raider: Divinations” (UK) Written and directed by Graham Jones

Starring Anna Tyrie as Lara Croft

This is the second and most recent fan film by Jones and Tyrie’s third portrayal of Lara Croft.

The film starts off in the 11th century as a Saxon warrior is hunted by Vikings played by the “Wuffa Viking and Saxon Re-enactment Society”. This sets up Lara’s next adventure which is a bit closer to home.

Jones certainly knows how to create a classic Tomb Raider film; implementing traps, timed puzzles and some familiar enemies. There’s also a fun Easter Egg at the end.

Community Creations
Community Creations
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