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Lara Croft Leaps into the Fall Guys Fame Pass

Jun 13, 2023

An image of the Fall Guys Season 4 Fame Pass 2 with Lara Croft front and center.

Lara Croft comes to the Blunderdome in the Fall Guys Season 4 Fame Pass, including a costume and wearable item from the famous adventurer’s sizable wardrobe.

The Lara Croft costume features her iconic tank, backpack, boots, and jade necklace, while the Classic Croft Wearable features red shades and a long braid, which your bean can mix and match with other ensembles.

The Fall Guys Fame Pass 2 features other Tomb Raider unlockables, including:

  • Heir to Croft Manor Nickname

  • Making a Mark Nameplate

  • Close Call Celebration

  • Swiftlet Emote

Check out Lara in action below.

All cosmetics in Season 4’s Fame Pass 2, including the Lara Croft Costume, will be available to unlock from June 13-July 18, 2023.

See you in the Blunderdome!


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